Welcome to Harrogath Prison, A private Minecraft server. Minecraft Prison:
Get into the role of a Prisoner
You will start in the "D" section with no money no food no nothing!
You will not even get a cell.
yeah Prisoner life ain't easy buddy!
If you want to eat, you got to earn it.
if you want a cell you got to rent it.
You will have to be lucky to get a Cell in in section "D"
Go Mine, get some wood or get creative to get cash.
Cash is power, it will not reduce your life sentence but it might get you into a better location like "C".
Better Mines, You might be able to get a Cell over there. More info on the changes made HERE.
We are live 24/7 so feel free to play any time you like and have fun! The server runs supported by donations, if you feel like giving us a hand with a Donation you will get rewarded with some items, a full list can be viewed HERE
Below you will find information on how How to Connect. More information can be found via the side links and the forums, while you're there why not Introduce yourself?

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